Just on 200 pages of powerful information which will change your life forever whether you are:

  • In business or not in business

  • An employee or a boss

  • Male or female

  • Contract worker or commission agent

  • Even if unemployed, this book will set you on the right path

"If I can do it, anyone can do it. It is only a matter of knowing what you want."

Bruce Butler is a practical businessman who has had much hands on experience.

He has gone from being destitute and broke to being a multi-millionaire. He now provides in an easy to read format, the steps that will guarantee your success in achieving your dreams.

He has been involved in the preparation of over 500 business plans and has provided management consulting to thousands of individuals. The success principles that he has been privy to have been used with amazing success in businesses he acquired.

Relevant proformas and instructions are contained in this book to allow immediate implementation.

  • What it is like to hit rock bottom

  • How easy it is to turn things around

  • Practical applications and formats

  • The three most important areas of a business that can be utilised to make huge profits immediately

  • How to achieve your dreams and goals immediately

  • The secret to making miracles happen